Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is an ideal way for schools and communities to unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse. Foothill is celebrating Red Ribbon Week Oct. 24-28 with a variety of activities.

The week's events started on a somber note Monday with an announcement from Katie McKewon, a Foothill graduate who served prison time for vehicular manslaughter. She was driving drunk when she caused an accident that killed her friend, Laurel Williams. Both girls, 19 at the time of the accident, graduated from Foothill in 2006.

McKewon, in her brief statement to students over the school's public address system, explained how she was involved in a drunk driving accident the morning of Oct. 20, 2007. McKewon lost control of her Ford Mustang and hit a Mercedes SUV. Williams was killed in the accident. McKewon and the other driver were seriously injured.

"When you are drinking, in no way, shape or form will you make good decisions," McKewon said.

McKewon and Williams had been at a party the night before. After the accident, McKewon's blood alcohol registered 0.23, more than three times the legal limit for drivers who are 21. It is illegal to drink if you are younger than 21.

McKewon urged students to ask for rides if they ever choose to drink. She reminded them of the angel wings that mark the spot on Foothill Road, just north of Highland Oaks Drive, where Williams was killed.

"If you put yourself in a drinking and driving situation, that could be you," she said.

McKewon urged students to never take anything for granted.

"You never know what can happen," she said. "I learned my lesson."

McKewon met Monday with a select group of students to discuss ways to keep Foothill students from drinking and driving.

The rest of the week's activities include:
  • Tuesday -- A presentation by Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Wednesday -- Day of Silence. Select students will paint their faces white to represent someone who lost their life due to substance abuse.
  • Thursday -- Drug dog on campus during lunch
  • Friday -- Wear red to promote and support Red Ribbon Week
Posted Monday, Oct. 24, 2011