College Visits

The more information, the better. That's the general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing colleges. And you can never plan too far in advance.

With that in mind, students and parents will be pleased to know that Foothill is fortunate to have representatives from multiple colleges visit our campus for brief information sessions. The visits typically last for one class period. The visits allow students to meet college representatives, get information about the college and ask a few questions.

Students must sign up in advance to attend college visits. There's a sign-up binder in the career center (near counseling in the front office). When students sign up, they should get a slip for a teacher to initial indicating that it's OK for the student to miss class to attend the college visit. The teacher approval slips must be returned to the career center before the college visit, or students should bring initialed approval forms with them to the college visit.

The best way to keep track of college visits it to check the calendar on the Career Center page of Foothill's website. Click here to go directly to the calendar page. Check the calendar regularly. It is updated often as new college visits are scheduled.

Questions? Please contact Paula-Ann Cabading in the career center at