Here He Is -- Mr. Foothill

A dozen bold Foothill seniors strutted their stuff onstage Thursday evening at the annual Mr. Foothill contest, an extremely fun fundraiser for the senior class.


Justin Brunnett was crowned Mr. Foothill 2011 before a sold-out crowd, followed by runners-up Jake Potter in second place and Zach Piona in third.


The evening started with a jocular dance number performed by all 12 Mr. Foothill contestants, followed by a tasteful swimsuit competition featuring everything from board shorts to a full-body wet suit.


The real fun came when each contestant was spotlighted on stage to show off his talent or, in some cases, sheer wackiness to vie to the coveted title of Mr. Foothill. Chris Dotson, Mr. January, opened the show with a funny Russian-themed rock dance featuring his little brother. That was followed by Jimmy Rhoades’ unique take on Hall & Oates’ 1976 hit, Sara Smile, which he crooned to a blushing female classmate.


Sam Akocsos, who as Mr. March had his own shamrock-waving cheer section, used his unusual vocal talents to cook up a beat that would make any musician jealous. Rayed Khan bravely strutted about the stage in an over-the-top shimmering gold jumpsuit and royal blue feather boa with five female back-up dancers.


David Camarena put together a thought-provoking video monologue, followed by Jake Potter’s raucous Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired dance to Dude Looks Like a Lady. He almost lost his left “breast,” rumored to be a head of lettuce, when he dropped to the floor to shimmy out his version of the worm dance move. He gamely finished his routine, which, oddly enough, morphed into a light-saber showdown with a costumed Darth Vader character.


Grayson Toschi showed off a mishmash of talents, including pumping iron with feather-light weights. Joe Wong wowed the crowd with his incredible light dance – an electronic fire-spinning routine -- in the darkened multipurpose room.


Ben Krebs started his routine with a wacky video, which gave way to Ben’s on-stage rapping accompanied by two drummers keeping the beat. Award-winning drummer Tevin Mitchell showcased his outstanding drumming talent, and Zach Piona wowed the crowd with his spectacular dance moves.


Justin Brunnett had the most incredibly unique talent of the evening. He and a friend used an elaborate black-draped stage to create a wacky little person with Justin controlling the feet and the friend blindly providing the hand movements. The talented duo staged a hilarious and elaborately choreographed dance to a medley of toe-tapping tunes.


The show wrapped up with all 12 contestants decked out in formal wear, each with a gorgeous senior girl escorting them down the stage. The contestants also provided amusing answers to standard beauty pageant questions.


The young men raked in $825 for the senior class as audience members bid big bucks for the privilege of joining the Mr. Foothill contestants on a group lunch date. Zach blew away the competition by bringing in the highest bid of $165, followed by Ben with a respectable $120.


Justin will advance to the Mr. EBAL (East Bay Athletic League) contest to try to win that coveted crown.


2011 Mr. Foothill contestants

Chris Dotson – Mr. January

Jimmy Rhoades – Mr. February

Sam Akocsos – Mr. March

Rayed Khan – Mr. April

David Camarena – Mr. May

Jake Potter – Mr. June

Grayson Toschi – Mr. July

Joe Wong – Mr. August

Ben Krebs – Mr. September

Justin Brunnett – Mr. October

Tevin Mitchell – Mr. November

Zach Piona – Mr. December

Photo provided by Foothill yearbook staff

Posted Friday, March 4, 2011