Tech Guidelines

We are hip here at Foothill, so we are fully aware that most students consider cell phones and iPods to be extensions of their bodies. Since we would not dare amputate any body parts, we have come to realize that we must embrace these hand-held devices and work in harmony with students to integrate tiny technology into the school setting.

However hip we are, we also realize that hand-held devices can be extremely disruptive during the school day. It is with these thoughts in mind that we ask you -- nay, beg you -- to review Foothill's policies when it comes to cell phones, iPods and other adorable little electronic devices.
  • Cell phones, iPods and similar devices are allowed on campus.
  • All electronic devices must be turned OFF during classroom time (instructional minutes).
  • Electronic devices may be used before school, after school, at lunch and during passing periods between classes.
  • Electronic devices may NOT be used during bathroom breaks during class periods.
  • Students who feel they have an emergency situation and must use their cell phones during class must get approval from the teacher.
  • iPods and MP3s may be used during class at the teacher's discretion. Some teachers allow students to listen to personal music devices while completing class assignments. Students must obey each teacher's rules.
  • Students are asked to be respectful of their neighbors and not listen to music too loudly while at school.
  • Parents: Please be mindful of the times when you text or call your students. Check the Foothill website for the bell schedule to make sure you are not interrupting class when you text or call your child.
Students who violate Foothill's personal electronics policy will suffer consequences, such as detention and Saturday school. Students with repeated violations may forfeit the right to have electronic devices on campus.

Thank you to Foothill students and parents for being respectful of the school's personal electronics policy. If everyone follows the rules, then students will continue to enjoy limited access to their electronic devices during school hours.

Posted Friday, Nov. 19, 2010