The Great Debate

Three Foothill students debated hot-button political and social issues at an East Bay regional event for the Junior State of America (JSA), with one student walking away with a best speaker award.

Senior Andres Oswill was chosen as one of the few students awarded the coveted "best speaker" engraved gavel. The other students who took part in the event are sophomore Ayesha Zarah Omarali and junior Alec Kron.

JSA is a nationwide high school club promoting civics education and leadership. Students involved are interested in politics, government, foreign affairs, law and education. JSA allows for an exchange of ideas through debates, presentations and problem solving, which is exactly what students did in late October at the East Bay regional event at the University of California, Berkeley.

Students discussed and debated upcoming election issues. Keynote speakers were Debra Brown, California's secretary of state, and Laura Wells, Green Party candidate for governor.

Click here for a full story about the day's events. The photo in the upper right corner features all three Foothill students -- (from left) Andres, Alec and Ayesha with Debra Brown and an unidentified student.

PHOTO: Alec Kron (left) and Andres Oswill at the East Bay regional.

Posted Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010