Students Clean Coastline

The shores and campgrounds of Lake Del Valle are a little bit cleaner, thanks to the hard work of Foothill's Earth Club and Interact club members.

Seven hard-working Earth Club members spent a few hours at the Del Valle Regional Park near Livermore on Sept. 25 as part of the 26th annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. The statewide event hosted by the California Coastal Commission is designed not only to clean the state's waterways, but to educate people about the importance of not dumping trash and chemicals into the water system.

The California Coastal Cleanup Day is billed as the single largest volunteer event in the country, thanks to the efforts of the many volunteers like Foothill's dedicated students. Students cleaned up the Del Valle area and recycled trash.

Earth Club students who took part in the cleanup are Tina Nguyen, Thanh Vuong, Yash Nagda, Grace Kim, Jeffrey Chen, Josh Gubersky, Lucie Pustova and Ayesha Omarali.

Interact students who took part are Anmol Gupta, Sarah Ng, Eric Gu, Tyler Rhodes, Perry Cheney, Pauline Cha, Tania Kim, Kim Brinckerhoff and Grace Kim.

Click here for more cleanup photos and info on the Earth Club. Click here for info about the Interact club.

PHOTOS (from top)
Earth Club president Tina Nguyen picks up trash at Lake Del Valle
Earth Club members Grace Kim and Tina Nguyen
Yash Nagda picks up trash in a camp area at Lake Del Valle
Posted Monday, Oct. 25, 2010