Senior Yearbook Ads, Quotes & Favorites

If you missed the Nov. 8 deadline for ordering an ad honoring your special senior, don't fret -- at least not yet. There are still a few coveted ad spaces remaining, but you have to act quickly.

You must submit your ad online ASAP for this last-minute offer. You can do everything online, including creating your copy, uploading photographs and paying for the $110 ad.

Here are the easy steps to follow to take out an ad honoring your senior:
1. Log on to
2. Enter 7378 as the order number. You may also search by city and state for Foothill.
3. Click on "Create an Ad." Do not click on "Upload Photos." You will do that later.
4. Follow instructions to create your personalized ad.

For creative purposes, ads may be created using different software, such as Photoshop or InDesign. Once the ad is created, select one of the two two ad templates (layouts) and insert the completed ad in the photo box.

If you do not have a digital file of your photos, you may use a scanner at a store such as Kinkos to scan your photos.

Ads may be ordered by family members only, please. Ads are one-quarter page and in full color.

Click here for a flier with more info.

Senior Quotes
Seniors may submit a special quote to be published under their photo in the yearbook. There is no fee for senior quotes. Quotes must be appropriate. Anything that is offensive, obscene or joking will not be used. Seniors will not get a second chance to submit quotes if their first quotes are not acceptable.

Click here to submit your quotes online. The deadline to submit quotes is December 3.

Senior Favorites
Seniors have until Dec. 17 to submit their votes for senior favorites. Click here to submit your votes online.