Senior Transcripts

If you are planning to attend a community college, a CSU, a UC, an out-of-state college, or a private college, YOU NEED TO ORDER A FINAL TRANSCRIPT. 

You are going to send ONE transcript from Foothill to the ONE college you are attending. Unlike the process last fall, please DO NOT send to Common App; please choose your college by name this time. 

For those of you registered with NCAA or NAIA for college athletics, please make sure to send a final transcript directly to NCAA or NAIA in addition to your college. For those of you playing collegiate-level sports, you will be ordering TWO final transcripts.

Please see PAGE 9 of this GUIDE to help walk you through the ordering process. It’s very important you select “Hold for Grades” because you want to make sure the transcript you are sending includes your grades from 2nd semester of your senior year! If you select “Send Now,” it will only include your grades through 1st semester (and the colleges want to see the entire year!).

Please see this flyer for additional help: Order Your Transcript (in 3 easy steps)

If you have any additional questions regarding the ordering process, please visit