Students Enjoy Farm Field Trip

Students taking part in the life science program associated with the school garden were treated to a special VIP tour of Terra Bella Family Farm in Pleasanton.

Students were treated to a wonderful field trip, where they learned about sustainable organic gardening and shared information about how to get locally grown food through the farm. The farm donated three varieties of heirloom tomatoes for students to plant in the school garden.

The school garden, located on the northwest corner of campus, has been around for three years. It includes eight 4-foot by 16-foot raised gardening beds that are enclosed by a cyclone fence. Students have built crushed granite paths to make the area wheelchair accessible.

Special thanks to the Proctor family -- Dan Sr., Nicki, Dan Jr, Nate and Kathy -- who donated their valuable time on three Saturday and many tools to help build the recently completed greenhouse.

PHOTOS from top
1. Students visit the Terra Bella Family Farm in Pleasanton
2. Paul Jung, Will Hyams and Jon Chiarello work in the school garden
3. Jon Chiarello and Banu Krishnakumar in the school garden

Posted Wednesday, May 26, 2010