Cop Corner

By Officer Ken McNeill
Pleasanton Police Department

At last. A few quick final exams and summer will be here. So, here’s something to read from a cop saying “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that,” right? Of course. That’s my job. Cops are always saying that kind of stuff.

All year, I’ve been giving you warnings about drinking, driving, how to not get your valuables stolen, online safety and more. Except today, I thought it might be more fun to make a list of positive things to add to your summer to-do list:

1. Wear sunscreen. Tans are cool. Skin cancer is not.

2. Drink lots of water. It’s free. Usually.

3.  Make good choices. Think about the consequences of your actions. Say to yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen if I do this?” Then follow that with, “Is it worth it?” You decide if it is.

4. Drive defensively. There are lots of foolish drivers out there who have no regard for your life. And likewise, regard others when driving. And PAY ATTENTION!

5. Get a job or volunteer your time somewhere so you’re not idle. If you only play Xbox 360 and PS3 all summer, you’ll turn around and realize that you’re 30 years old and the only job you can get is waving a sign on the sidewalk that tells drivers there’s a two-for-one sale at Joe’s Super Cheeseburger.

6. When faced with a choice about drinking alcohol, refer to No. 3 above.

7. Spend a few minutes every day and teach yourself something new. Imagine if at the beginning of this past school year you had spent just 15 minutes each day learning to play guitar, learning how to write HTML to build your own website or learning a different language. Where would you be with it right now? Start now, and you’ll have a new skill by the end of summer.

8. Try something new, like try to not complain about anything for a whole day. I’ve tried it, and all I can say is “Good luck.” But at least I tried it.

9. When you’re hanging out with your friends after dark in the parking lot of In-N-Out Burger or in a park, and I or one of my uniformed friends stops by to tell you to go home, thank us for helping you move forward in the battle to make good choices.

10. And finally, remember, despite what some of you may think, police officers are on your side and want to see you become a productive member of society. So, wave “Hi” when you see us driving by. It will make you feel good.

Well, that’s it. Have a safe, fun summer. If you have any questions about the police or what we do and why, feel free to call me at 925-931-5233. (Of course, all crank calls will be traced.)

You can contact Officer Ken McNeill at 931-5233 or

Posted May 26, 2010