Webinar Regarding the Transition to In-Person Instruction

We wanted to provide a link to the recording from the webinar that was held this morning and facilitated by both comprehensive high school principals to provide some updates regarding the transition for our students to return to campus.

Webinar Link: https://youtu.be/WqqU0VYBetM

Just so you know, the recording is about an hour, but you can watch at your own pace.

We have also updated our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to help provide some more information regarding the transition and help families make their decision for confirming their choice for Hybrid (In-Person), Remote, or Long Term Independent Study.  

We have extended the deadline for families to make their corrections for their student’s placement with hybrid, remote or long-term independent study until Wednesday, February 24th at 5pm

If your secondary (grades 6-12) student’s assignment is incorrect, please complete this Correction Form by Wednesday, February 24th at 5pm.

If your student will require Wheels Transportation to get to school, please indicate your need here: Secondary (Grades 6-12) School Transportation Plan.

As we mentioned in the webinar, we truly appreciate everyone's patience, kindness, and support as we facilitate this transition of students returning to campus.  We look forward to welcoming our hybrid in-person learners back on campus and continuing to support our remote learners.

Thank you!!