January & February Falcon Pride Students

High school is more than just academics. Foothill strives to turn out students who are good citizens and well-rounded human beings.

It is in the spirit of good citizenship that students are recognized with Falcon Pride awards. 


Teachers and staff members can nominate up to two students per month. Students are nominated for a variety of reasons, such as good attitudes, grades, improvement, being helpful or just being a good citizen.


Each student may receive the Falcon Pride recognition no more than twice each school year.


Congratulations to these Falcon Pride students!


Student                                  Teacher

Ashley Jenezon                      Andrade

Daniel Pittinger                       Andrade

Melissa Choi                           Charuhas

Andrew Lubrano                     Charuhas

Nicole Behiel                          Clark

Adam Falcon                          Clark

Rhiannon Kelly                       Correira

Kim McNally                           Correira

Victoria Adams                       DeGiobbi

Shannon Romjin                    DeGiobbi

Adrian Ang                             Feusier

Justin Yu                                Feusier

Angie Son                              Fields

Adam George                        Fleming

Brian Henderson                   Fleming

Jackie Helberg                      Gilliland

Kirpa Wirk                             Gilliland

Jay Magee                            Gorton

Becca O'Neill                        Gorton

Brandon Becker                    Johnson

Sasha Greenlee                    Jones

Jae Eun Nam                        Koobatian

Logan Dean                          Myers

Elena Helm                           Myers

Esther Hii                              Pagtakhan

Farhan Sareshwala              Pagtakhan

Daniela Martin                      Pastor

Meghan Whitbred                 Piscotty

Param Singh                         Raaker

Connor Wren                        Raaker

Fiorella Cuba                        Thoe

Harpreet Singh                      Thoe


Student                                Teacher

Tori Adama                           Andrade

Kristen Pederson                 Andrade

Ron Ho                                Charuhas

Andrew Richman                 Charuhas

Zach Buen                           Clark

Andrea Donlevy                   Clark

Temahra Abernathy             Correira

Julia Innocenzi                     Correira

Heather Khoury                    DeGiobbi

Julie Musbach                      DeGiobbi

Ryan Gordon                       Feusier

Jenna Traurig                      Feusier

James Kim                          Fields

Taylor DenBroeder              Fleming

Shane Hickey                      Fleming

Amber Liu                            Gilliland

Lexi Monaghan                    Gilliland

Cassie Stuart                      Gorton

Erik Zinna                            Gorton

Robert Santucci                   Johnson

Matthew Burke                    Jones

Tyler Whitaker                    Koobatian

Jack Bratten                       Myers

Kim Brinkerhoff                   Pagtakhan

Stephanie Munro               Pagtakhan

Juan Solis                          Pastor

Jennifer Faggiano              Raaker

Luke Savage                      Raaker

Maria Anthon                     Thoe

Kathleen Lawrence            Thoe

We strive for accuracy. Please let us know if any names are misspelled or missing – foothillnews@pacbell.net.

Posted Thursday, April 29, 2010