Latin Students Place at Regionals

A dozen of Foothill's Latin students competed for the first time ever in the California Junior Classical League's Certamen held March 20 at the Harker School in San Jose.

This is the first time Foothill has sent teams to compete in the certamen, which is Latin for competition. Students from about 18 middle and high schools had teams competing at the event. Foothill sent three four-member teams, one each for Latin I, II and III.

The competition was incredibly difficult and Foothill lacked the competitive background most of the other schools have, but Foothill students still managed to come in sixth place (Latin III) and seventh place (Latin I & II).

The teams that competed are:
Latin I -- Linus Ho, Eric Hitchens,Tanja Kovacevic and Ally Wong
Latin II -- Christian Medved, Connie Wu, Jeremiah Hong and Jacob Saldinger
Latin III -- Jack Reed, Siyang Qiu, Farhan Sareshwala and David Valadez

Congratulations to Foothill's Latin students for taking on this extreme challenge!

Posted Saturday, March 27, 2010