CORE Fundraiser

Dear Foothill Families,

We hope that by now you are all aware of the CORE (Community OutReach for Education) fundraiser that is operating in our school district. It is a joint operation between the school district and PPIE (Pleasanton Partnerships in Education), one of our education foundations. This fundraiser is being supported strongly by our own Foothill AABC booster club and all parent groups (PTA, PFC, PFA, etc. …) from every school in Pleasanton. The fundraiser is in response to the state budget crisis that is severely impacting Foothill and all other schools in our district.

As a school district, we have already made reductions of $11 million this year and $2 million last year. We predict further reductions of approximately $8 million in the coming school year. This is roughly equivalent to spending $1,400 less per pupil on programs and personnel.

These reductions are devastating for Foothill. Our certificated staff has been cut dramatically by almost eight teachers this year, and we will lose a further seven teachers next year. Class sizes will increase and student course choices will be more limited. Our classified custodial and office hours have been reduced even further. Basic clerical and maintenance operations around our school will be managed on an essential basis, and there will be delays in the work our staff are requested to do as a result of these staffing reductions. We still have 2,300 students and all that goes with running a school of this size at a dramatically reduced staffing rate. Our funding for the basic day-to-day operation of the school has been reduced substantially. Resources for our teachers and students are under pressure, and this strain will increase as next year opens.

Our once state-of-the-art technology has not been replaced at the rate it once was and now is aging and becoming obsolete. We can no longer keep pace with technological advances. Simply keeping computers and essential technology operating is our goal. Replacements and upgrades will be rare. Our ability to ensure your children remain competitive in technology skill and application will be impacted, despite the demand that our modern world has on us to be the institution to provide this.

Reduction in the number of teachers and classes we have to offer our students has impacted our ability to provide student support programs such as academic support, specific interventions for those who have not passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), assistance for those who need help to meet the algebra requirement for graduation and support for many others such as students in our AVID classes.

These reductions are devastating and hard to comprehend. We need your help. Your generous donation of $150 per student as part of the CORE fundraiser will help us to retain at least some of the essential services and support we really need to keep our school running and operating as one of the best in the nation. We hope that one day soon, we will be able to put this terrible financial crisis behind us and return to an atmosphere in which our need for this kind of support will no longer be necessary. Sadly, our students, staff, and school will suffer in the short term without your much needed support at this critical time.

We have before us an opportunity to come together as a whole school community to save some of our most valuable programs and support our efforts to continue to be a high functioning technological educational facility. Checks made out to PPIE can be brought into the school office or dropped off in front of school at our next Drop and Donate Day on May 27. You may also make donations online via PayPal at Please visit or for upcoming CORE fundraising events.  PPIE is on Facebook, too! Donations are tax deductible.

As of April 28, your generous donations for CORE have raised:
  • Elementary -- $135,834,
  • Middle -- $43,401
  • High -- $53,884
  • Undesignated -- $7,225
  • Total -- $240,344
Elementary schools are just $16,000 away from funding 2 hours of tech and 1 hour of library per day. Middle schools are just $7,200 away from funding 1 hours of tech and 2 hours of library per day. High schools are halfway to their first level of tech funding.

Many thanks to those of you who have already donated. Your support will be invaluable as we negotiate our way through difficult times ahead and will enable us to continue to uphold our Tradition of Excellence! 

With Falcon Pride,

John Dwyer                            Gillian Holmes
Foothill Principal                     Foothill AABC President


CORE -- Community OutReach for Education -- is a fundraising program organized by
the Pleasanton school district in conjunction with Pleasanton Partnerships in Education (PPIE) and all school parent groups, like Foothill's AABC.

The school district, reeling from three straight years of budget cuts, is asking parents to donate $150 per student to maintain high quality education in Pleasanton classrooms at all grade levels.

The CORE fundraising program was developed with input from parents, principals, staff and replies to a district survey. These areas have been targeted as being the most crucial for needing extra financial support to maintain quality:

Elementary Schools
On-site technology specialist (4 hours per day)
Library assistant (5 hours per day)
Student support programs

Middle Schools
On-site technology specialist (4 hours per day)
Library assistant (6 hours per day)
Student support programs
Technology (maintenance and upgrade)

High Schools
Technology (maintenance and upgrade)
Student support (including extra sections)

The district has determined that donations of $150 per student should raise enough money to maintain these critical programs. All donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to PPIE (Tax ID 94-3046738) and use the form below (CORE Info Letter) to mail or drop off your donation. You may also donate online using PayPal at or There is a minimal processing fee for online donations.

Click on the links below for an informational letter that explains CORE and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) info sheet about CORE.

Updated Saturday, May 1, 2010

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