Laws of Life Essay Winners

Forty-one Foothill students were recognized Friday for their outstanding essays entered in the sixth annual Laws of Life essay contest.

Students submitted 820 essays this year, with each essay addressing a character trait that has somehow touched their lives. The purpose of the contest is to get students to focus on the positive character traits touted by the school and community.

Parents, Foothill staff and school district leaders gathered on campus March 5 to honor essay winners at an awards luncheon. Special thanks to Margo Olsen and the terrific catering class for hosting the delicious meal. Thanks also to the orchestra and jazz students for providing outstanding music.

Thanks also to leadership students for helping with various tasks, Foothill's custodial staff for helping with logistics and Gillian Holmes, AABC president, for spearheading arrangements. More thanks to Coni Miller and Judi Palin in the front office for their hard work.

The top five students in each grade level were honored with cash prizes -- $100 for 1st place, $75 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd, $30 for 4th and $20 for 5th. Five runners-up in each class were also recognized and received Jamba Juice gift cards. Teachers of the winners each got $25 gift cards to a book store.

The 65 artwork entries are on display in the library, available for everyone to view.

The 2010 Laws of Life essay winners are:
1st place     Kelly McDeavitt
2nd place    Marie Morley
3rd place    Tanvi Gurazada
4th place     Hunju Hwang   
5th place     Mihir Naik
Freshmen Honorable Mention
Mark Chen
Stephanie Doi
Katherine Ihn
Cayla Jetter
Nishchala Singhal
1st place     Mitchell Schena
2nd place    Ryan O'Hair
3rd place     Emily Williams   
4th place     Camille Lusher
5th place     Mary Gruen
Sophomore Honorable Mention
Mary Arnold
Mary Carnes
Aria Crawford
Rhiannon Kelly
Jacob Saldinger
1st place     Ellen Wilson
2nd place    Chris Dotson
3rd place     Jason Scott
4th place     Jennifer Sparks
5th place     Wendy Li
Junior Honorable Mention
Catherine Fong
Jonathan Kuo
Anna Zhang
Joon Kim
Trace Levinson
1st place     Naman Barman
2nd place    Brynn Kron
3rd place     Nathan Cheung
4th place     Angela Chan
5th place     Sylvia Wond
Senior Honorable Mention
Nicholas Byron
Tonya Hale
Katherien O'Brien
Katerina Yu
Daniel Zakaria
Art Contest Winner
Mary Chambers

Posted Friday, March 5, 2010