Dirty Bird Art Exhibit

Foothill students have used their artistic skills to create the Dirty Bird art exhibit that highlights the importance of keeping the campus clean. The main exhibit is in the library with a secondary installation outdoors on the lawn area.

Trash has long been a problem on Foothill's campus with students dropping their rubbish wherever they are. The problem is exacerbated when the trash draws greedy seagulls, which in turn make an even bigger mess. The trash can also be deadly to seagulls. The seagull problem is where the Dirty Bird name is derived.

As part of the environmental awareness campaign, third-period teachers showed the video Midway, featuring the work of Seattle photographer Chris Jordan. Jordan's beautiful and startling images show the aftermath of tossed trash that leads to countless bird deaths each year. Birds mistake the trash for food and are unwittingly killed by the garbage they ingest.

Green or Mean buttons, designed by student Christina Comford, are being sold for $1 each in the student store.

Parents and community members are encouraged to drop by campus to check out the creative and informative art exhibits. The art will be on display through Friday, March 5.

PHOTOS: Images from the Dirty Bird celebration and art exhibit

Posted Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010