Foothill Office Update

Due to COVID-19 and maintaining a safe environment for our staff and community, the Foothill office is not open for visitors at this time.  Between 7:30am-3:30pm there will be someone in the Foothill office to answer the phone and to ensure the campus is safe and secure.

If you need to contact someone for a school related issue, please use the information below to determine the best contact and use email as a form of contact while the office is not open.

24-hour attendance line (925-461-6600 and then press "1") - please call and leave information regarding an absence, even if during remote learning.


Amber Carrion - Vice Principal

Advisor for last names A-G and oversees Math, Science, and World Language Departments

Jennifer Friesen - Vice Principal

Advisor for last names H-O and oversees Counseling, Social Studies, and Special Education Departments

Malcolm Norrington - Vice Principal

Advisor for last names P-Z and oversees Career Technical Education (CTE), English, P.E., and Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) Departments

Joseph Viviani - Site Coordinator

Student Activities, Athletics, Facilities, Music Program and Club Operations

Sebastian Bull - Principal

Ruth Highstreet - Administrative Assistant


Kyle Russo

9th-10th Grade A-Do

11th-12th Grade A-De

Molly Allen

9th-10th Grade


11th-12th Grade


Kerry Stroud

9th-10th Grade


11th-12th Grade


Michelle Nakamura

9th-10th Grade


11th-12th Grade


Heather Cameron

9th-10th Grade


11th-12th Grade


Solana Olsen

Support Counselor

Erin Moran

Support Counselor

Janet Burnett


Beth Lyon

Counseling Secretary

Office Staff

Mary Snell


Lisa Gardner


Kelly Mills

Child Welfare and Attendance

Chris Faubion

Health Office 

Elizabeth Colon

Facilities, Field Trips, and Safety

Brita Baragona

ASB Bookkeeper

Coni Miller

Athletics and Discipline