Seussical: A Musical Hit

Foothill and Amador Valley high schools combined once again to provide the Pleasanton community with fantastic entertainment with the annual spring musical. This year's offering was the fast-paced and highly entertaining Seussical, based on the enduring works of Dr. Seuss.

More than 100 students combined their efforts to perform a rousing musical portrayal of Dr. Seuss's most well-known and beloved characters. Thousands of audience members enjoyed watching the plight of the Whos and their journey through the Jungle of Nool. Shows were performed the weekends of March 18 and March 25.

Student peformers were split into two revolving casts that each performed three out of six evenings. Behind the scenes, a strong and competent technical crew ensured that each performance ran smoothly. Seussical would not have been complete without the talented orchestra and the beautiful music provided by the outstanding musicians from both high schools.

The sold-out house was run efficiently by the drama students. The directors have set their sights on making next year's musical as fun and successful as this year's spectacular event.

Congratulations to Foothill's vocal director JoAnn Koobatian and acting director Margie McLaughlin, plus a shout-out to Amador's team -- choreographer Kelsey Hartman, instrumental director/conductor Mark Aubel and technical director Steve Siglin.

Special thanks to all the Foothill actors, crew members and musicians for putting on so many spectacular shows! Even the Sour Kangaroo would be proud!
Cast & Crew
Foothill has 30 students in acting roles and another 10 students on the crew. Foothill senior Olivia Andrus was the show's hard-working stage manager.

There were two separate casts with different actors taking the lead roles. All actors perform in all shows, taking on other roles the nights they are not in lead roles.
The casts were:

Green Eggs Cast                                                  Ham Cast

Daniel Kang ... Horton                                Chris Chu ... Horton               
Grace Yi ... Gertrude McFuzz                    Jovanna Ponco ... Gertrude McFuzz
Andrew Mondello ... The Cat                     Jon Ostlund ... The Cat
Jenessa Ponco ... Sour Kangaroo             Simrin Jhangiani ... Sour Kangaroo
Samica Jhangiani ... Boy/JoJo                   Deborah Lagin ... Boy/JoJo
Ann Marie Itamura ... Mayzie LaBird          Gabby Dannis ... Mayzie LaBird
Drew Reitz ... General Schmitz                  Jordan Oh ... General Schmitz

Bird Girls                       Wickersham Brothers        Mr. Mayor        Mrs. Mayor
Jacqueline Besson            Jae Choi                     Andrew Ihn     Laura Marotto
Ashlynn Danielsen            Ryan Fornoles
Katriz Mangayan            Michael Norcross
Elizabeth Orpina
Lynn Tun
Kirpa Wirk

Chorus                            Featured Dancers                                      The Grinch
Aleesha Anderson      Krishna Mehta        Cait Bono                        David Valadez
Vicky Bouche             Marianna Nam        Kellie Brown
Julia Brunelli              Lauren Nester        Angela Chan
Sam Danis                 Christine Nguyen    Leicester Dissels               Vlad Vladikoff
Courtney Freitas        Swan Oh                Selina Lao                          Amy Tilson-Lumetta
Katie Gerlach              Joon Park            Amy Tilson-Lumetta               
Zach Lamson             
Vivian Lee                  Sahana Rajan
Mary Lindsey             Raghav Ravichandran
Patrick Maravilla        Saiba Singh
Mia McGovern           Marilyn Yuan

Posted Monday, March 29, 2010