PPIE Run Transforming into a VIRTUAL RACE

We are transforming our annual Run for Education into a VIRTUAL RACE with an added Back-to-School gathering to celebrate our community in August.

PPIE's Virtual Race 2020 takes place where you are and when you want, anytime between April 1 and April 19, 2020. Our goal is to run/walk/dance/jump, etc. (keeping in mind Social Distancing Requirements), 7,750 miles, which is the distance of a community grand circle tour from Pleasanton to Orlando up to New York back across the country to Seattle and back home again! You choose the activity you want and track your fitness individually, using a mobile app, keeping in mind the "Social Distancing Requirements of a minimum 6 feet distance”. The app enables easy virtually team formation, photo sharing in a scrapbook, community texting, and postcard receipt from the cities we virtually ‘visit’ around the country.

Because we do not want cost to be a barrier for participation for Pleasanton families, the entry fee for PPIE's Virtual Race 2020 is very low - only $10 for the Virtual Race or $20 for the Virtual Race + Run Shirt. PPIE is sponsoring all PUSD teachers so that they will have access to the Virtual Race at no cost.

The focus of the PPIE Virtual Race is no longer fundraising — it's "friend"raising!
We anticipate being able to send out instructions on how to register very soon.” Thank you for supporting our schools!