Robotics Teams Quality for Nationals

All four of Foothill's robotics teams have done so well in regional competitions that they'll travel to Dallas in late April for the Vex Robotics World Championship.

Foothill's robotics club has become so popular that the group has been broken down into four separate teams to ensure that everyone gets hands-on experience in building and working with robotics. The four teams are 1000A, 1000B, 1000C and 1000C.

Each year, Innovation First creates a unique challenge for high school robotics teams across the country. This year's challenge, Cleansweep, consists of four teams playing in a two versus two format. Two robots on a 12-foot-by-12-foot playing field must work together to throw as many balls as possible over a middle wall and onto the other side. There are three types of ball with each successively larger ball counting for more points. The team that moves the most balls to the other side is the winner.

Foothill's robotics teams have been taking part in regional competitions, starting in late October. Each regional competition includes qualifying rounds, followed by elmination rounds.

In the first regional at Bellarmine College Prep on Halloween, all four teams took part. 1000D came first in qualifications, 1000B came third in qualifications, 1000A came seventh in qualifications and 1000C was 10th. In the elimination rounds, 1000D placed first, 1000B placed second, 1000A placed third and 1000C placed fifth. 1000D was also the recipient of the Judges Award (best team according to judges).

At the second regional at Vanden High School in Fairfield on Nov. 7, only 1000A and 1000B took part. 1000A placed third came 3rd in qualifications and 1000B was eighth. 1000A placed first in eliminations and 1000B placed fourth. 1000B, however, was the recipient of the Robot Skills Award (for most points scored in a one-minute segment) and the Energy Award (for team spirit).

At the third regional at Central Valley High School on Nov. 21, 1000B, 1000C and 1000D competed. 1000B placed third in qualifications, 1000D was eighth in qualifications and 1000C was 16th in qualifications. In eliminations, 1000C placed first, while 1000B and 1000D were on the same alliance that placed third.

Another regional contest will be held in San Ramon in early December. All four teams have done well enough at regional contests to qualify for the national competition in Dallas.

Special thanks to these generous sponsors for supporting Foothill Robotics -- Simpson Strong-Tie (engineering/manufacturing), CPU Tech, Willow Garage and Robert Half International.

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Foothill Robotics
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Posted Friday, Nov. 27, 2009