Biology-Periods 3, 4 & 6 Combined Assignments

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pedigree practice WS 2 in Google Classroom

pedigree practice WS 2

Past Assignments


15.2 notes and watch this movie (20ish min) and answer the questions in Google Classroom

15.2 notes and watch this movie (20ish min) and answer the questions

There's a youtube vid on how to do the pedigree WS. Then for HW, Do the notes first - the movie questions are both easy and hard - they are intended to make you think, not just prove you watched the movie! However, since we are remote I DO need the proof, so it's gonna do both . . .


15.1 notes and pedigree worksheet in Google Classroom

15.1 notes and pedigree worksheet

For pedigrees - squares are male, circles are female. Filling in the shape indicates that individual has the phenotype in question. Filling it halfway indicates being heterozygous, and unfilled shapes are either unknown or do not carry the gene in question. However, sometimes the trait of concern is dominant, sometimes recessive - So you need to be conscious of what it is you are making or using the chart for.
The solutions - a video of Mr Jones doing the WS will be posted - but what matters most is practice. You will have to both read and create pedigree charts for the exam.


12.3 notes and coloring! in Google Classroom

12.3 notes and coloring!

Please, please, please read the instructions while you are coloring these sheets! It is an extremely well done and concise explanation of something that is often hard to grasp at first!


Stop motion video - meiosis in Google Classroom

Stop motion video - meiosis

This counts as project points - Completion is really important, and doing well is a big advantage as "padding" to your overall grade. Why? Because I am pretty lenient on grading them, and the point of the creation is that you will have to use many parts of you to make the product. Generally, the more of your senses involved, the better you can access those memories and the more comfortable we are with concepts. That song you love? I bet you can recall your favorite lines 'cause you hear it so often. Want to remember the whole thing? Sing it yourself . . . add the pronunciation sensations to the listening, and you've doubled the stimulus . . .

All the details are here in the att'd doc, including links to the free editing program, how to turn it in, etc.




Same deal as always, Clever to Savvas to assignments. MUST BE COMPLETED BY 3PM TUESDAY!
(But it won't open til Tuesday for 3rd period)


MORE punnet squares!  in Google Classroom

MORE punnet squares!


Punnet Squares! in Google Classroom

Punnet Squares!

You'll have to do it on tests - PRACTICE!


Notes 12.4, coloring, and a movie! in Google Classroom

Notes 12.4, coloring, and a movie!

Proper sequence -
Coloring (read the instructions), Notes, Movie (with questions)!


Notes, 12.1 and 12.2 in Google Classroom

Notes, 12.1 and 12.2


Practice test DNA to proteins in Google Classroom

Practice test DNA to proteins

We'll do this in class first thing, but . . .
I would encourage you to print it so you can write all over it - especially explanations of what the right answer is for those you got wrong.
If you can't print it, no worries. Just copy the questions you get wrong into your notes with the right answers and anything else that will help you answer similar questions WEDNESDAY!


CH 14 Homework proof flip grids in Google Classroom

CH 14 Homework proof flip grids

Links are weird - top one (6d61) is third period
990a is fourth
62d0 is sixth
Sorry about that - dunno if I forgot how to rename it or if it changed . . .
Your particular proof is by last name and listed on the flipgrid page!


CH 14 TEST in Google Classroom


Make sure you are logged in with your google/school email

Clever, to Savvas, Click assignments (I think it's red in your interface) then DNA to proteins 2021 test
Must be complete by 5PM!


Notes on sec 14.4 in Google Classroom

Notes on sec 14.4


Do stuff/watch stuff in Google Classroom

Do stuff/watch stuff

Your homework is kinda weird this time around. The intent is to mirror a lab we'd usually do, but the best tool I've found to replicate that experience is an interactive that's pretty quick but also really good from the University of Utah - SO - Do that first!, then watch the interactive click-o-rama from HHMI (Central Dogma link below) while answering the questions from page ONE ONLY of the CDGM worksheet. If you are printer less, you can just answer in your notebook . . .You don't have to do anything else but that first page . . . yet . . .

HOWEVER, you might have a quiz the next time I see you to prove to me you did this!

If you are concerned that you may need extra practice, you can go through the Utah simulation multiple times transcribing and translating different genes.


Notes 14.2 in Google Classroom

Notes 14.2


Notes for 14.1 and the attached coloring in Google Classroom

Notes for 14.1 and the attached coloring

Read and follow the coloring instructions! I promise, cross my heart, yada yada that it is the most concise and complete synopsis of the topic - your text is good, these are better - and shorter!


Show me your notes for Cell Division HW credit in Google Classroom

Show me your notes for Cell Division HW credit

By Last Name -
A-E Explain what a telomere is and show me where it's in your notes
F-K Explain why its hard to separate cytokinesis from mitosis and show me where it's in your notes
L-P Tell me the general happenings of the cell cycle and show me where it's in your notes
Q-U Explain DNA Replication and show me where it's in your notes
V-Z You're lucky - Just show me the hand thing we use to help remember the stages of mitosis! Explain what's going on in each phase.


Notes sec 13.2 and 13.3 in Google Classroom

Notes sec 13.2 and 13.3


Color! C'mon . . .it's not bad . . . in Google Classroom

Color! C'mon . . .it's not bad . . .

Sometimes I think Should give you guys a probability math exercise for homework just to give you some perspective about where coloring falls on the heinousness of homework scale . . .and, it IS effective. There's proof and stuff. Science proof . . .


Notes 11.1 and 11.2 in Google Classroom

Notes 11.1 and 11.2

Notes sections 11.1 and 11.2


PRACTICE TEST in Google Classroom


There's two files attached - one has the answers, one does not. I would have to take the one without the answers attached, but I wanted to give you both


Notes sec 10.3 in Google Classroom

Notes sec 10.3

We've already talked about all this, but sometimes that helps -to take notes after the lecture. For most of us that's NOT true, but there's only one way to find out . . .


Notes - Sec 10.2 in Google Classroom

Notes - Sec 10.2

Notes from section 10.2

No need to turn them in, just read and take notes. Remember the coloring sheets have most of the diagrams and drawings, so only reproduce them if it helps you. If it were me, drawing it would help me retain, but we will be having open note exams through the semester at least so it may be superfluous.


Notes 10.1 and coloring plates

Notes 10.1 and coloring plates "glycolysis" and "fate of pyruvate"


Coloring-o-rama AGAIN! plates 38 and 52 first . . . in Google Classroom

Coloring-o-rama AGAIN! plates 38 and 52 first . . .

Only do the chloroplast and mitochondrion (plate 38) and metabolic pathways (plate 52) for Wednesday. There's way more pages to color attached, and we'll get to them, but not all at once.


practice test in Google Classroom

practice test

answers are on the last page of the pdf - don't look til you've answered!


Phototsynthesis comic strip or song/rap in Google Classroom

Phototsynthesis comic strip or song/rap

Must be 12 frames minumum for comic, 30-60 sec for song. Flipgrid should show notes and your "artistic" product regardless of which you choose. Only caveat is if you choose the song route, you may have a partner, and that partner need not be in your class.

I'll run to school today (Monday) and get some comic examples - check back late Monday if you like!

3rd per -
4th per -
6th per -


9.3 notes and photochemical coloring in Google Classroom

9.3 notes and photochemical coloring


Notes sec 9.2 in Google Classroom

Notes sec 9.2

I said 9.3 in class! Sorry - we'll get there, but 9.2 first!


flipgrid for

flipgrid for "types of molecules"

Flipgrid video topics - By last name
A-F Explain how plants and animals store and use carbohydrates differently and show me your beautiful coloring plate 16
G-L Explain how living things use lipids as varied as simple fatty acids to waxes and show me plate 17
K-Q Explain how proteins form and what collagen is while showing me plates 18 and 20
R-Z Explain the difference between Purines and Pyrimidines and show me plate 22


Blatant copyright infringement 2 - Coloring-o-rama! in Google Classroom

Blatant copyright infringement 2 - Coloring-o-rama!

Read instructions, color. Yep, all five.


Notes section 9.1 in Google Classroom

Notes section 9.1


Notes sec 2.3 in Google Classroom

Notes sec 2.3


Egg lab

Egg lab "write up"

Google slides. Shared among your group. Each of you must make a slide summarizing your results, then you must as a group make two slides addressing these two questions -
Slide #5 - how does your group's "self directed" solutions compare to the mandated solutions in "osmotic pressure"? (Look it up) Explain how you know!
Slide #6 - Now that you have a set of observations and some measurements, using the evidence you have, how would you go about trying to decrease the volume of an egg the most? Be sure to use your own evidence to present this argument! You must provide at least three reasons for why you would do it the way your group chooses. You can include one "we wouldn't do this because it didn't work!" since they are also helpful, but you need to explain how that helps! Describe what is happening in the solutions inside and outside of the cell and at the membrane.
Slides 1 and 2 should be the sugar and salt. Slides 3 and 4 the stuff you came up with on your own. Last, you need a intro slide that has your period and last names in alphabetical order - It'll make grading way faster for me!

THIS TIME - I do want you to turn in the final project in google classroom. It's due wendesday morning before your test "opens". I think that'll be 10 AM.


Practice test in Google Classroom

Practice test

Last page of the pdf has the answers! Don't peek!


Real test! in Google Classroom

Real test!

Log in to google, Go to the clever link, Click Savvas, then in the middle of the page is a red circle for assignments. Take the test before 2PM!


Coloring HW! in Google Classroom

Coloring HW!

These docs are flat out stolen. I'm taking the "end justifies the means" argument here. That is often risky. I would not encourage you to follow the same path, but it would be hypocritical to discourage it - my advice is that sometimes it is easier to get forgiveness than permission, but you have to be willing to pay the price if other's don't agree.
The two coloring sheets are to be included in your notebook after your notes on osmosis and cell membranes. "Due" wednesday, but you'll have to show me your artistic efforts in your next flip grid video


Notes from pages 268 and 269 AND Flipgrid #2 - you post them through flip grid, but your particular assignments are here in Google Classroom

Notes from pages 268 and 269 AND Flipgrid #2 - you post them through flip grid, but your particular assignments are here

By last name -
A-E - Provide an example of a solution (in water) of an ionic compound and a solution of a covalent compound and explain how they are different. (explain is not the same as define - don't tell me what they are, tell me what makes them different solutions)
G-J - Explain the three layered composition of a cell membrane.
K-O - Contrast water movement in a blood cell in hyper, hypo, and isotonic solutions. Tell me what the water is doing in each!
P-S - Explain where ions come from and which things move about to make them come to be.
T-Z - What are hydrogen bonds? Why do we care?


Notes p272-275 in Google Classroom

Notes p272-275

It's chapter 8, but it's on cell membranes which either you just saw, or are about to see modeled and then is what you'll be messing about with in the egg lab . . . The big idea here is how water moves in and out of cells, and how that's one of the defining aspects of life at all levels from bacteria to Killer Whales to You!


Homework Chapter 2! in Google Classroom

Homework Chapter 2!

Notes on pages 42-49




Make a 30 to 60 sec Flipgrid video of the subject assigned below -

By last name -
A-E - What's "alive" mean? How do viruses fit in to that?
G-J - explain the role of dependent and independent variables in controlled experiments. What happens when we can't control an experiment beut we are still studying something scientifically?
K-O - Relate metabolism with energy and matter in your body.
P-S Compare and contrast sexual vs. asexual reproduction and relate it to evolution
T-Z - Relationship of structure and function with an example (other than the rabbit!)


Section 1 study guide - start making flashcards! in Google Classroom

Section 1 study guide - start making flashcards!

Since zoom is being uncooperative, just decided to put it up now so you can start making flashcards. PLEASE read the whole document - your test is not until week after next!