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Picking Up & Dropping Off Students

Dear Parents and Students,

The City of Pleasanton, in cooperation with Foothill High School and the Pleasanton Unified School District, has installed two traffic signals to provide a safer entry and exit to and from the school.

Main Drop-Off Loop
  • Vehicles will now enter at the north driveway and will have two lanes within the loop road to pick up and drop off. The direction has been made so that the drop-off loop exit signal can be coordinated with the student parking lot signal to reduce congestion.
  • The exit of the loop is the southern driveway and is controlled by a traffic signal. This driveway has been widened to allow for two lanes to exit. The right lane is for right-turning vehicles and the left lane is for left-turning vehicles. The installation of the traffic signal proves protected exit from the loop.
Student Parking Lot Signal
  • A traffic signal has been added at the student parking lot entrance to control the access. The student parking lot signal is timed with the loop road signal to minimize delay.
  • Students turning left into the parking lot in the morning should use the entire turn pocket provided along Foothill Road. The turn pocket begins just after the main drop-off loop road entrance and continues through the loop exit intersection to the parking lot signal.
Thank you for your cooperation and please drive safely!

John Dwyer