Foothill High School

Talon Talk: Senior Edition

Talon Talk for Seniors & Parents

You can sign up to get special senior Talon Talk Extra newsletters. Just go to the home page of the Foothill website and look in the lower right corner for the blue box that says "Sign Up for Foothill Communications and Volunteering." Type in your e-mail address and follow the prompts. The system will verify that you're already on the list and will e-mail you further instructions.

All you have to do is click on "Update your Profile" for a list of e-mail lists you can join. You should already be on the Talon Talk list for getting the school newsletter.

Please click your student's graduation year to sign up for the senior issues of the Talon Talk. The final step is to click on "Save Profile Changes" to make sure your updates are saved.

You may also sign up for other newsletters and volunteer help we'll need throughout the school year.