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Tardiness & Class Cuts

Tardiness & Class Cuts

Students are marked tardy if they are not in their seats as soon as class starts. If a student is more than 5 minutes late for class, the absence may be considered a cut.

Consequences for Tardies & Unexcused Absences

Tardies (per class):
  • 1st-3rd tardies -- Teacher sets the policy                                
  • 4th tardy -- Detention           
  • 5th tardy -- Saturday School
  • 6th-9th tardy – One extra detention for each tardy
  • 10th tardy -- Saturday School.
  • Additional tardies -- Repeat detention and Saturday school pattern, starting with the 6th tardy, as needed
Cutting Class:
  • 1st offense -- 1-2 detentions per teacher policy    
  • 2nd offense -- 2 detentions                     
  • 3rd offense -- Saturday school
  • 4th offense – Saturday school and notification that student may get an F in that class
  • 5th offense – Student attendance review team meeting
  • 10th offense – Removal from class, loss of credit for class, transfer to alternative district program
Continuous Non-Attendance:
  • 1st/2nd offense -- Teacher assigns detentions, Saturday school                
  • 3rd/4th offense – Student meets with administrator and is put on an attendance contract
  • 5th-9th offense – Student meets with counselor, parent and administrator
  • 10th offense -- Student fails the class, loses credit and will be transferred to an alternate school