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PUSD is seeking Wellness Committee Members

Members will be a part of the policy update process.  This will help ensure a well-rounded policy that truly reflects the values and expectations of the members of the district and community., as well as adherence to state and federal policies.
Parents, students, food service representatives, teachers of physical education, school health professionals, the school board, school administrators, and members of the general public are all invited to participate in this Wellness Committee.
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Lydiksen FFN needs volunteers on 4/28

Lydiksen Elementary School is looking for FHS teen volunteers for 
their social fundraiser: Family Fun Night on April 28th, 
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm. It is a fun way to earn volunteer hours and visit with special teachers and friends. Click link above to sign-up
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Senior Ball, April 29th

Buy tickets April 12th - 26th (Early Bird Sale: 12 - 16th)
Seniors must return their library books to purchase ball tickets.
Read information from the library staff.
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Senior News

Stay up to date on Senior News and Deadlines

For the first time this year, seniors will be allowed to decorate their graduation caps in celebration of their achievement. All language and images must be respectful and appropriate, and all items must fit on the top of the cap (with nothing hanging off the edges). Seniors, make us proud of your creations! All caps will be checked the night of graduation and if deemed inappropriate, you will either be given a blank cap or no cap if another one is not available. Decorate wisely!
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